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Mourning Doves;  Venice, FL;  FebruaryMourning Dove; Whitefish Bay, WI; DecemberMourning Doves; Whitefish Bay, WI; MayWhite-winged Dove; ArizonaCommon Ground Dove, FloridaInca Dove; ArizonaWood Pigeon; Kurikka, FI; June.Wood PigeonPassenger Pigeon;  "From Billions to None"Greater Roadrunner; ArizonaCheckin' me out.A dinosaur!Snowy Owl; Jones Island, Milwaukee, WI; DecemberResting in the afternoon sun.Chillin' under the Hoan.Feathers in the breeze.Just restingSnowy Owl; Lake Express grounds; JanuaryGreat Horned Owls; Glendale, WI; FebruaryGreat Horned Owls;  Glendale, WI; February