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Mandarin Duck, South Shore ParkScratching around.The local rock starPainted Bunting, Celery Fields, Sarasota, FL.Painted Bunting, femaleFlorida Scrub Jay, Shamrock Nature Center, Venice, FLRoseate SpoonbillRoseate Spoonbill, Lido Beach Park, Sarasota, FLWood Stork, Venice, FLPileated Woodpecker, Venice, FLPurple Gallinule, Celery Fields, Sarasota, FLBIG feet!Best foot forward!Eurasian Collared DoveGreat White Egret, The Rookery, Venice, FLGreen HeronLeast Bittern, Celery Fields, Sarasota, FLRoyal Terns on a stormy daySandwich Terns and Royal TernsAnhinga, drying off