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Scarlet Tanager; Lake Park, Milwaukee, WI; MayThe back view.Scarlet Tanager; Lake Park, Milwaukee, WI; JuneScarlet Tanager, female; Shorewood, WI; January.Eating seeds and fruit.Wintering in Wisconsin.Summer Tanager, immature male.The only all red bird in N. America.  Soon.Summer Tanager enjoying the orange.Summer TanagerWestern Tanager, Walk-in Aviary, Tucson, AZ.Northern CardinalNorthern Cardinal; Whitefish Bay, WI; JulySinging a song.Northern Cardinal; Whitefish Bay, WI; JulyA jaunty crest.Northern Cardinals; Whitefish Bay, WI; JuneNorthern Cardinal; Whitefish Bay, WI; JuneNorthern Cardinal chick; Whitefish Bay, WI; JulyNorthern Cardinal; Whitefish Bay, WI; June