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Releasing the Sharp-shinned Hawk; Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory, Duluth, MN; SeptemberCooper's Hawk, swooping inCooper's Hawk gets rabbit dinner89D gets his dinner.Coopers Hawk gets his Grackle lunch.Cooper's Hawk; Sarasota, FL; FebruaryCooper's Hawk; Sarasota, FL; FebruaryCooper's Hawk stops in for a drink.Cooper's Hawk; Whitefish Bay, WI; JanuaryNorthern Harrier; Whitewater Draw, ArizonaHarris's Hawk, Raptor free flight, Arizona Desert MuseumHarris's HawkRed-shouldered Hawk, FloridaRed-shouldered HawkRed-tailed Hawk; Avon, CT; DecemberMorning sun on the Red TailRed-tailed Hawk at raptor free flight Arizona Desert MuseumSoaring on the kettles.Red-tailed Hawk; Kletzsch Park; NovemberRough-legged Hawk; Lake Express grounds, Milwaukee, WI; December