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Greater White-fronted Goose; Port Washington Harbor, WI; JulySnow Goose; Veterans Park Lagoon, Milwaukee, WI; MarchSnow GooseHangin' with the Canada GooseLooking aroundCanada Goose and Snow Goose, hybrid cross, Horicon Marsh.Canada Goose; Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, Milwaukee, WI; OctoberCanada Geese; Lynden Sculpture Garden, Milwaukee, WI; AprilWaiting.......Following MomHow many of us are there?Well-guarded goslings.Staying close to mom.Barnacle Goose; Helsinki, FI; June.Barnacle geese.Tiny wings.A little scratch.Gang of goslings.The family.Trumpeter Swans; Horicon NWR, WI; August