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Canada Jay; Bierstadt Lake, RMNP, CO; JuneBlue JayBlue JayBlue JayBlue JayBlue JayWoodhouse's Scrub Jay, Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs.Caught a grasshopper!Woodhouse's Scrub Jays.Woodhouse's Scrub-jay; Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO; JuneWoodhouse's Scrub Jay; ArizonaFlorida Scrub-Jay; Venice, FL; January.Looking around, but not shy.Caching a peanut for later.Looking at me.Florida Scrub Jay, Shamrock Nature Center, Venice, FLLoggerhead Shrike and Florida Scrub-Jay, sharing a lookout tree.Florida Scrub-Jay with lots of bands.Watching out.Mexican Jay; Arizona